Lontanostyle speaks more than English: Beauty, Sophistication, Glamour, Elegance, Style, Innovation, Empowerment…Most of all, we celebrate the fashionable and confident woman. Speak Lontanostyle!

Maican’s passion and clarity take expression in her designs, choices of fabrics and colors, and she credits a team of highly skilled producers for the impeccable craftsmanship of each one-of-a-kind Lontanostyle dress and accoutrement.

Jewellery since 2023

Lontanostyle’s Founder and Chief Designer Valerica Maican has created sophisticated jewelry promoting elegance, simplicity and a feminine esthetic. The vision is to bring art back into fashion. Every piece of jewelry and clothing is a journey, every design an opportunity to create beauty, every color is a new feeling.

Jewellery since 2023

I experience nature as a frequency; a vibration and a unique state of consciousness. I operate on faith rather than reason. I’m doing things differently and it’s thrilling for me. It’s freedom.” Valerica Maican Founder and Chief Designer at Lontanostyle.

AT WORK 2023

Discover the world of Lontanostyle -a unique combination of tradition and innovation. Keep it chic!

A style for every story


I believes that each Lontanostyle dress redefines a women’s age in terms of spiritual wisdom, rather than chronology. The wildly original yet traditional air of my work is also evidenced in my career as a professional pianist and composer (aka Ana Leanca).