2023 collection
Be the most intriguing woman in the room.


Lontanostyle is well known for creating handmade dresses that are one of a kind. If you would like a particular dress from our collection in a different size than offered, we will do our best to oblige. Lontanostyle will donate 40% of the proceeds to Women Survivors of Domestic Abuse.

Buy our beautiful dresses as a show of support - support for women who have suffered and for women who need not suffer in the future.

However, since many of our fabrics are rare and themselves unique, we cannot guarantee that the material will be the same.

classy, fun and fashionable

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2023 collection
Not all who wonder are lost…You might end up
at Buckingham Palace!

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IT ain’t over ‘till it’s over.

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Souvenir Dress and Jacket Pink and Gold French Boucle


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Amour Black Crepe Dress


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UNIQUE, fabulous and new.

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Lontano is strongly dedicated to supporting a greener future, utilizing 100% organic materials and environmentally sustainable alternatives, as well as advancing a viable global fashion industry through a variety of initiatives promoting awareness of the issue of woman survivors of domestic abuse.
Lontano is a platform, which invites consumers to engage with the industry in a passionate, honest and meaningful conversation about humanitarian aid and positive outcomes.

best of the best

May CAUSE excessive admiration

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Gradually, I discovered another source of inspiration: the women that make each design complete. My goal is not to produce a “New Look.” I strive to produce articulated feminine silhouettes. Femininity is my priority.

Given my meticulous choices in fabric and with thoughtful style, I merge femininity with a woman’s personality to ensure that when you wear my design, you are a distinctly glamorous, beautiful, and strong version of yourself.

from paris with love

from Lontanostyle with love

Lontano wants you to know that by buying its beautiful and unique fashions you’ll contribute to its important work: helping women survivors of domestic abuse.

Here at Lontano we speak many languages besides English: Kindness, Togetherness, Empathy,  Beauty, Sophistication, Understanding, Glamour, Elegance, Love, Style, Empowerment…The most confident women speak Lontano!