French Album of Ana LeancaFrench Album of Ana Leanca

Ana Leanca

“ A song inspired by the magnificent text “Le serpent qui dance” by Charles Baudelaire, from a french album of Ana Leanca” 

Lontano’ s founder and chief designer, Valerica Maican aka Ana Leanca, well-known as a musician, composer, pianist and singer/songwriter has turned her hand to creating sophisticated couture for women and girls. Every dress is a journey, every design an opportunity to create beauty. Her unique vision is to bring art back into fashion while creating a new economic system that will provide a superior outcome for charity, particularly for women survivors of domestic abuse.
Lontano is a platform, which invites consumers to engage with the industry in a passionate, honest and meaningful conversation about humanitarian aid and positive outcomes.
We are committed to ending human abuse and seek to inspire and support other artists around the world by inviting them to contribute to the process of rehabilitating and bringing abused women back into society. The company donates 80% of all proceeds to the charities mentioned on the website. When you buy Lontano’s beautiful and unique fashions you’ll contribute to the important work of helping women survivors of domestic abuse.