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Judy Dubois Advisor at lontanostyleJudy Dubois Advisor at lontanostyle
Judy Dubois
Advisor at lontanostyle

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to all the magnificent people who have helped me in my journey, especially to my lovely friend and advisor Judy Dubois who has accompanied me in building Lontano with infinite kindness, love, patience and understanding. All my sincere thanks to my teams in the USA, France, India, Israel and Romania, who, throughout their work for Lontano empowered me with their trust and support. Thank you all.

Lontanostyle hopes through its charity initiative to bring together people who are lovers of fashion and who also care about abused women and believe that they can make difference.

Lontanostyle endeavors to help everyone see how charity can reveal the magic and beauty of giving and helping others. One dress at a time. One abused women at a time. The company’s Founder and Chief Designer is Valerica Maican. aka Ana Leanca, a well-known musician, composer, pianist and singer/songwriter. As Founder and Chief Designer she has created sophisticated couture for women and young girls promoting elegance, simplicity and a feminine esthetic. Every dress is a journey, every design an opportunity to create beauty, every color is a new expression bringing a new feeling. The vision is to bring art back into fashion and to create a new economic system that will provide a superior outcome for charity, particularly for women survivors of domestic abuse.

As a company, Lontanostyle is dedicated to strongly supporting a greener future, utilizing 100% organic materials and environmentally sustainable alternatives. The company works to advance a viable global fashion industry through constant initiatives, including speaking engagements, and promoting awareness of the issue of woman survivors of domestic abuse. Lontanostyle is a platform that invites consumers to engage with the industry in a passionate, honest and meaningful conversation about humanitarian help and positive outcomes in the fields of kindness, social justice and fashion. Putting its principles into action, Lontanostyle will donate 60% of all proceeds to charities mentioned in the Ana Leanca.com website.

Lontanostyle is committed to ending human abuse and seeks to inspire and support artists around the world to contribute to the rehabilitation and to the process of bringing abused women back into society. By buying Lontanostyle’s beautiful and unique fashions, you’ll contribute to its important work: helping women survivors of domestic abuse. Here at Lontanostyle we speak many languages besides English: Kindness, Togetherness, Empathy,  Beauty, Sophistication, Understanding, Glamour, Elegance, Love, Style, Empowerment…The most confident women speak Lontanostyle!

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